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Our Factory

Fiztech-Energo CJSC is a Russian producer of innovative LED solutions for lighting under the brand name Diora.

Experience and development conducted by the company in the field of LED-based technologies help to create more efficient, reliable and safe lighting.

Fiztech-Energo relies on the quality and reliability of its equipment derived from significant investment into research and development. We use only proprietary solutions which have passed multistage tests in extreme conditions. Our engineers are able to solve any complex problem and to develop a custom tailored light fixture.

We offer a comprehensive selection of lighting solutions for different purposes: office, street, industrial, sports, architectural series. Every month, thousands of Diora luminaires are installed at customers’ sites, saving tens of millions of rubles!


Fiztech-Energo creates LED light fixtures lasting more than 50 000 hours, showing effectiveness of up to 150 lm/W. Most fixtures have a color rendering index of Ra 80 and a flicker index of less than 1%. The company’s products provide high quality light and reduce eye strain and negative impact on health, offering new opportunities for use of luminaires at the facilities with high requirements for these parameters (e.g. in workshops, stadiums, schools etc.).

Our company has its own lightening laboratory which carries out controls during all production stages. The actual parameters of the luminaires are completely on a par with the data in product passports confirmed by independent laboratories.

The company’s products have all essential certificates of conformity, such as certificates of the Russian Lightening Research Institute VNISI, GAZPROMCERT, Sanitary Regulations and Norms, fire and explosion protection.

All our products are developed specifically for conditions of Russia. Our self-designed LED drivers provide a unique reliable system of protection from temperature drops and electrical surges. The luminaires operate at – 60 ° + 40 ° C.

In the production we use LEDs of recognized world leaders, such as Cree, Nichia, Seoul Semiconductor, LG. Our luminaires are composed of components which pass multistage quality controls.

The business processes are run in compliance with ISO 9001 requirements.


Fiztech-Energo performs not only the production of LED equipment but also a guarantee maintenance in its regional service centers. Customers may rest assured that they buy a high quality LED equipment from a reputable company. The warranty period lasts from 3 up to 5 years.


Accomplished projects

LED luminaires Diora are used for lighting of commercial and office premises, educational, health care facilities and other similar spaces.

The company is developing products in compliance with the requirements of our customers, as well as the national Import Substitution Programme. The development department goes ahead constantly offering new solutions which meet demands of the market.

Fiztech-Energo was awarded diplomas of All-Russian contest “100 best goods of Russia” and “Best goods and services of the Tomsk Region”,  a medal of inter-regional exhibition “Energy. Power equipment. Energy Saving Technologies”. Together with its regional representatives, Fiztech-Energo often participates in international, national and regional exhibitions, conferences and forums.

Sales  of products

Products are sold through selected distributors and dealers in Russia and CIS countries.

Our clients are the companies which are able to save money and efforts towards the future.

Payback and efficiency of LED lamps Diora are proved in real terms. Apart from this, Fiztech-Energo offers companies to conclude energy service contracts.


Fiztech-Energo guideline is developing more efficient, reliable and secure light fixtures. Thus, the company contributes to costs optimization of the enterprises and a positive effect on the environment.

The whole production process of Fiztech-Energo – from design conception to assembly– is a result of a close-knit teamwork and professionalism from our specialists.

Fiztech-Energo – inventing the perfect light!